About Us


Brings his extraordinary talents and gifts to this unique workshop. Over the past 35 years, he has developed his skills and abilities, having worked and supported many people through their process of transformation. His gift is that he ‘sees’ you, your beauty, your uniqueness and your pain and difficulties with presence and compassion. In the 70’s and 80’s he lived with Osho in Pune, India and America, where he learnt from the heart of a great master. This was inspirational in his wanting to work and support people as Svab Karuna 4was his Humaniversity training with Veeresh. Having transformed his own fears and limitations into creativity and joy, he now supports others to do the same.


Has been a meditator and counsellor for many years. She is an excellent facilitator and is naturally able to tune in to the needs and deeper processes of participants, supporting them with her big heart. She has a finely tuned intuition and brings her amazing presence and love, supporting Svabhavo during the deep processes that participants experience. She is a certified AUM meditation leader and is a resident at Osho Leela Community in Gillingham, Dorset..

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