Reclaim Your Power

It’s Time to Make the Jump & Reclaim Your Power!

Awaken and transform negative conditioning and habits which undermine you in your daily life.

  • Do you feel powerless to make the changes you need in your life?
  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • What is it that stops you achieving what you want?
  • Are you in a relationship or work environment that doesn’t serve you?
  • Are you afraid to speak your truth?
  • Do you feel disconnected in social situations?
  • Are you fearful to be seen and always keep yourself in the background?
  • Do you have body issues?
  • Are you shy to use your voice?
  • Or maybe you’ve always fancied getting up in front of a group of people and doing your thing, but your inner-judge says ‘no way’!

Reclaim Your Power workshops cut through the negative self belief systems that make you feel that you are inadequate, powerless, unlovable and disconnected, and allows you access to your authenticity & totality of your being.

Reclaim Your Power will enable you to heal the wounds that keep you limited, mediocre and without passion or purpose and move towards fulfilment in your personal relationships, in your work environment, and in your spirit.

Reclaim Your Power

Reclaim Your Power Workshop  with Svabhavo and Karuna

Reclaim Your Power will give you access to live your life free from old fears & shadows of the past and nurtures self awareness, grace and celebration.

Come and join this breakthrough workshop that will bring you the awareness and acceptance you need to move forward and achieve the things you desire.

What to Expect?

We begin the workshop by identifying our negative self beliefs and conditioning.

We use powerful emotional release techniques so that you can let go of old anger, shame and frustration.

In a supported space you will explore what rises to the surface when you step onto a conceptual ‘stage’, where there is no hiding, and are guided beyond your doubts and fears to look inside to what’s really true for you.

Svabhavo will guide you individually through any negative feelings that may come to your awareness, supporting you in letting go of self judgement or inhibitions that hold you back from expressing your truth.

As a group we use meditation, sharing, psychodrama and encounter to explore your inner world.

We also do a lot of hugging and connection to create a heart centred space of trust


Above all we invite you to celebrate and honour your uniqueness!

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